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School of Mechanical Engeering

School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the biggest and oldest schools in Southeast University. It now covers five departments: Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, Department of Mechanical Electronics, Department of Mechanical Design, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Industrial Engineering. The predecessor of the southeast university, Sanjiang Normal College, was established in 1902 as a modern university on the campus of an academy which dates back to 258. School of Mechanical Engineering was originated from 1916. In 1921, the university changed its name to National Southeast University and became the second national university in China and the school of Mechanical Engineering was also officially established. Later SEU was renamed to National Central University in 1927 and soon became the nation’s flagship university. In 1952, many departments were divested of the original Nanking University as part of the adjustment of higher education, initiated by the government. Its engineering school, the largest school in terms of faculty number and student enrollment, stayed in its original campus and form Nanjing Institute of Technology, which changed its name back to Southeast University in 1988.

Centenary celebration

School of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University will usher in the centenary in 2016. Looking forward to your participation and advice.