Scientific Research Team


 Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Micro-nano Biomedical and Instrument Design and Manufacture

Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Micro-nano Biomedical and Instrument Design and Manufacture consists of 5 professors, 8 associate professors and over 100 postgraduate students, equipped with a variety of advanced micro processing and testing devices. Its main research directions include micro-scale heat transfer and friction, nano hole DNA sequencing, minimally invasive devices, microfluidic chip and micro nuclear magnetic resonance and so on. In recent years, the laboratory has undertaken or completed the National 973 Chief Subject and 863 Project, Key Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Major Development Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and Major Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Projects of Jiangsu Province and dozens of research projects. It has published more than 100 SCI articles in the international core journals such as Nature Nanotechnology(IF=33.265), Nano Letters(IF=13.025), ACS Nano(IF=12.062), PRL(IF=7.728), Small(IF=7.514) and Carbon(IF=5.868), authorized over 30 invention patents, won the first prize of Jiangus Province science and technology progress once and many second and third prize. In conclusion, it has got good social and economic benefits.
Lab director: Professor Yi Hong.Main members: Chen Yunfei, Ni Zhonghua

 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

As a professional research team, advanced manufacturing technology laboratory research group is established facing advanced design method and intelligent manufacturing field. It cultivated a group of high level innovation research backbones. The lab mainly engaged in the application foundation theory and technology research equipment manufacturing industry design automation and intelligent manufacturing, 3D process design, precision machining and assembly process, production automation and integration, advanced connection digital assembly process of thin-walled pieces and light weight of structure. Centering on requirements of manufacturing innovation requirements and discipline developments, in recent years, the lab undertook a number of major scientific research projects such as Assembly 12th Five Year Plan, 11th Five Year's preliminary research, National Defense Science and Industry Bureau 11th Five Year, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Jiangsu Province scientific research achievements transformation. Projects of this team has won the first and second prize of Jiangsu scientific and technological progress and the title of Jiangsu science and technology innovation team.
Lab director: Professor Tang Wencheng.Main members: Yi Hong, Tang Wencheng, Ni Zhonghua, Xing Yan, Qiu Xiaoli, Dong Xiangguo, Cheng Jie, Gu Xingzhong, Liu Xiaojun

 Institute of equipment monitoring and fault diagnosis

Institute of equipment monitoring and fault diagnosis now consists of 6 teachers and over 30 doctoral and master students. The institute has been engaged in the research of theory, method and engineering application of mechanical equipment condition monitoring, health monitoring and fault diagnosis, mechanical vibration and quality engineering for a long time. In recent years, the institute has undertaken and completed over 30 vertical projects such as 863 of China,  National Natural Science Foundation of China, major achievements transformation project of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu province high tech projects, developed MFD, PFD, WFD and EMD series of mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring and analysis of diagnostic systems. Meanwhile, through the cooperation of industry university research, related theoretical methods have been successfully applied in the fields of machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, automobile, energy and so on, which has promoted the discipline construction and economic development and made a number of research and application results.
Lab director: Professor Jia Mingping.Main members: Zhong Bingling, Xu Feiyun, Hu Jianzhong, Peng Ying, Huang Peng