Zhou Ren

      Modern Chinese steel metallurgists, ceramics and electric furnace steelmaking pioneer. He created the Central Research Institute of engineering research in Shanghai in 1928 and worked as the researcher and director. Under his leadership, the three-phase arc furnace, refining stainless steel, manganese steel and high speed steel were established in 1929. He took the lead in the research study and Application of ball graphite cast iron. He also actively promoted porcelain research and authored Jingdezhen Ceramic Research. Zhou Ren and Ren Hongjuan were sponsors of the China Social Sciences and Science magazine. Besides, he worked as provost in Jiaotong University and dean in East China branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Zhou Huijiu

      Material scientist, educator, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been engaged in metal materials, heat processing, heat treatment, strength of materials and other aspects of the work of scientific technology and education. He founded the repeated impact resistance theory, made the contribution to the theory and application of low carbon martensite and elucidated the strength of metal material plasticity and toughness with reasonable regularity. He plays an important role in promoting the establishment of Chinese discipline of material strength.

Wu Xuelin

       From Wujin(Changzhou now) in Jiangsu Province, Wu Xuelin graduated from Shanghai Datong University in 1930 and won the Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University Master's degree in 1934. He is known as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences metallurgy, mechanical engineers, metallurgy, mechanical engineers, optical instrument expert.

Bai Shiyi

     Famous aerodynamicists. Bai Shiyi was aspired to serve the country by industry, returned back to Central University which has removed to Shapingba in Chongqing and became a professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering. He became the second president of the Department after Professor Luo Rongan. He devoted himself to the development of China's first Department of Aerospace Engineering for 7 years. After resigning the director of the Department in 1947, he went to the United States. He worked as visiting professor at Cornell University and Aeronautical Laboratory consultants. After that, he became the research professor of fluid mechanics and applied mathematics research institute in Maryland University and taught aerodynamics for 35 years.

              Chen Xuejun

     Thermal energy and power engineering scientist. Elected in academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1980, he is one of the founders of Chinese boiler profession, heat energy engineering. He has edited Boiler, Gas turbine, Steam power plant, Boiler principle and Two-phase flow and heat transfer and so on. He has trained more than 50 students, of which 27 won the doctorate degree and 




Zeng Dechao

   Zeng Dechao has worked as the editor of Journal of agricultural machinery and subeditor of Encyclopedia of China - agricultural machinery volume and Encyclopedia of Chinese agriculture- agricultural machinery of volume. He invented a rotary turnover furrow slice and won the national invention patent. Besides, he created farmland construction and cultivation of soil water, salt and heat gas quantitative effect and control technology in the field of research. He published series of papers and put forward the gather rain water farming, farm production and management and resources, ecological, environmental comprehensive management technology with farming system of Chinese sustainable agriculture engineering technology solutions.

Tong Binggang

  As famous scientist and educator, Tong Binggang graduated from Nanjing University Institute of Technology Department of mechanical engineering in 1950. He was transferred to the University of Science and Technology of China in 1961 and worked as the director of the department of fluid mechanics and department of modern mechanics. He assisted Qian Xuesen andother famous scientists in the construction of China's science and technology flow of physical education professional teaching system. Tong Binggang has served as vice president of the China Institute of air force, deputy director of long, former State Board of education of Engineering Mechanics professional textbook Committee and the Teaching Guidance Committee and Hong Kong Science University of Technology Department of mechanical engineering advisory committee members of staff.



Ding Henggao

     From Nanjing, Jiangsu, inertia and precision machinery experts. Ding Henggao was admitted to the National Central Universityin 1948. In 1952, graduated from Nanjing Institute of technology. The former researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences optical precision machinery research institute assistant. He started studying in the Soviet Union from 1957 and received vice doctorate in Soviet Science and technology in Leningrad optical Precision Machinery Institute in 1961. After returning home, Ding Henggao worked as director of Department of defense of the design studio of the Fifth Research Institute,seventh mechanical ministry of industry design and deputy director of the Institute, deputy director general of the Ministry of science and technology of national defense science and technology Commission, a researcher at the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, vice minister of the Ministry of science and technology, commission of science, technology and industry director.