Department of Manufacturing & Automation

  Mechanical manufacturing and automation subject, which can be traced back to its predecessor that was founded in 1916, the specialized technology subject in Nanjing higher normal school,is a national key discipline (nurture), the key discipline in Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province science and technology innovation team. There are 15 professors (including one from 'thousands of people plan'), 14 Doctor mentors, 26 master tutors. With the key micro nano medical equipment Laboratory of Jiangsu Province and CNC machine tools and building enterprises, textile machinery and metal processing engineering technology center, It cooperates in Southeast University's power plant vibration engineering research center of the state, the' MEMS 'Key Laboratory of Education Department of Laboratory of computer network and information integration of the Ministry of education. In recent years, the subject of commitment has achieved fruitful achievements including one national 973 project , more than thirty National Natural Science Fund subjects, seven 863 Projects, six national defense researches, more than thirty the Ministry of provincial projects , five international cooperation projects, enterprises and more than 90 projects, twenty provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award, more than 100 patents for inventions.

 Department of Mechatronic Engineering

  Mechanical and electronic engineering, is the integration of electronic equipment, electronic machinery, mechanical and electrical control, after 40 years of development. There are 13 professors, including 3 doctoral supervisors.. It has 7 science, research integration research institutions like Electromechanical Control Institute of automation and electronic equipment, environmental and reliability research, design and reliability engineering research products, Engineering Machinery Research Institute, EMC laboratory, joint research center of Southeast University&Jiangxi three Xin medical devices, Southeast University - Jiande Electromechanical System Research Center etc. In recent years, it has achieved fruitful achievements including 20 research projects from the National Natural Science Funds, five 863 projects, one key project of Ministry of education, fifteen provincial projects, two international cooperation projects, more than 40 national defense scientific research, 90 Enterprises and projects. It also has achievements in scientific research, which won the Army Science and technology progress award for 4 times, provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award for 8 times and 60 patents and research funding of more than 30 million, published more than 500 papers.

 Department of Design Engineering

  The Department has experienced a development period of 'principle and mechanical parts research group', mechanical 'mechanics discipline group', 'mechanical design and theory' and 'engineering design'. Machine Design and Theory belongs to the Department for China's first batch of master's degree-granting body , began to recruit graduate students in 1963 and became a doctoral degree in 1990. The Department currently has 15 teachers, including 2 professors, 10 associate professors, 1 Changjiang Scholar Professor, 1 winner of national outstanding youth fund , 1 famous teacher in Jiangsu province. The in-service teachers has completed or to undertake national nearly 40 enterprises, dozens of projects including the basic research program (973), the National 863 major projects, the National Natural Science Fund (including key projects), Doctoral Fund of Ministry of education, Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation Project. And published over 80 papers in SCI journals famous journals etc. The teachers in the Department editor of monographs have more than 30 textbooks, which won 8 the national and provincial award, issued a total amount of 100 million copies of 2 books, ranking the similar materials circulation first, won the national, provincial teaching achievement 20 multinomial.

 Department of Industrial Design

  The industrial design department was established in 2014, currently owns 3 professors and associate professors seperatly , 3 lecturers, 1 doctoral tutor, with a 100% ratio of doctorate in teacher , one 'six talent peaks' in Jiangsu Province, one Chinese ten industrial design education workers, one China design industry ten outstanding young people. Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Design) has two doctoral and a master granting body. In the past 5 years, presided over the responsibility of national and provincial projects a total of more than 20 enterprises, it has achieved more than 80 projects, mainly in domestic core journals, published more than 150 papers, including 60 EI articles. And it published a total of 10 textbooks, won 10 provincial and ministerial level awards, 5 million in research funding, application and approval of more than 100 patents, of which more than 10 patents.

 Department of Vehicle Engineering

The department of Vehicle Engineering is part of School of Mechanical Engineering at Southeast University. The faculty consists of 3 professors, 2 associate professors, 3 lecturers and ca. 60 postgraduate students (incl. master and doctoral candidates). The main research fields include vehicle system dynamics and control, automated driving technology, new energy vehicle and electric vehicle, noise vibration and harshness, intelligent transportation system. The department of Vehicle Engineering has built very close relationships in scientific research and teaching with some foreign research institutes, like Vehicle Systems and Control Laboratory (VSCL) at the Ohio State University (OSU) and Institute of Automotive Engineering (FZD) at Technische Universität Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt). In the last decade, the faculty successfully completed more than 30 research projects, incl. youth fund, general projects and key projects which were supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), youth fund, general projects, transformation projects of scientific and technological achievements which were supported by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province (JSTD). Furthermore, more than 100 academic papers have been published in some core academic journals at home and abroad. 26 papers can be found in Science Citation Index (SCI) and 57 papers can be found in Engineering Index (EI). Moreover, the faculty has been awarded the second prize for Progress in Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province four times and the second prize for Progress in Science and Technology of China Automobile Industry once. In addition, Industry-University-Research (IUR) collaboration is highly valued among the faculty. Under this frame, many projects related to R&D cooperation and technology transfer with some cooperative enterprises are performed, and they generate good economic and social benefits. Currently, the faculty is still in charge of more than 10 research projects which are supported by various organizations.

Faculty: Nan CHEN (director), Guo-dong YIN, Pu LI, Zu-ping REN, Jin-xiang WANG, Dao-jun ZHU, Ning ZHANG, Wei-chao ZHUANG.

 Department of Industrial Engineering

  In 2003, approved by the Ministry of education, College of mechanical engineering of Southeast University set up undergraduate major in industrial engineering and began enrollment in September 2004. Recommended by the school and the Ministry of education in 2005,our school set up industrial engineering disciplines.Industrial Engineering Department has 15 full-time teachers, including 5 professors, 6 associate professors, 4 lecturers; 9 doctorate teachers; 1 the Ministry of education of Higher School of Industrial Engineering Teaching Guidance Committee, 1 visiting professor of UTK, 1 the tenth batch of Jiangsu province' six talent peaks 'high-level personnel. There are more than 5 professional and senior tutors. 2010-2014 IT HAS Cultivated 60 master and Dr, edited national seven textbooks; participated in and hosted the longitudinally 20 remainder, transverse 15, patent licensing and accepted more than 20 items; SCI papers published more than 10 articles, more than 20 EI papers; 3 provincial and ministerial level awards, 2 school excellent graduation thesis.

 Electric light source engineering center

  Center was established in 1990, approved as Nanjing electric light source engineering technology research center in 2000, approved in 2006 as 'new light source technology and equipment engineering center of Ministry of education building. With the electric light source research laboratory center, mechanical design, automatic control laboratory, photoelectric detection laboratory, 23 full-time researchers, including 16 senior titles. Now it is the Center for China Lighting Association executive director of the unit and 2 people as director of China Lighting Association.

  Center hosted 3 national level scientific research projects, bear at home and abroad on hundreds of companies commissioned projects, project funds exceeding 100 million yuan, 40 patents authorized, 16 of which is the invention patent. Center also received the provincial ministries of science and technology progress award second, third prize, China 10 years patent gold medal, China Association of technology market Jinqiao award, national promotion achievement outstanding projects honor.
  Director of the center: LV Jiadong ,professor level senior engineers. Key members: Ho wing Kai, Liu Peng, Chen Gang, Wang Haiou, Zhang Jianzhong, Dai Jun, Wei Min Wang, ye Lei, Zhang Manguo, Yin Kai, Wang Li, Kui Gang Deng, Zhangjiang.