The school Party leaders
School party secretaryZhang ZhishengOverall responsibility for school administration work34152090505
DeanNi ZhonghuaOverall responsibility for school administration work33752090508
SubdecanalChen YunfeiIn charge of scientific research work33752090508
SubdecanalSun PeipeiIn charge of graduate work333Switchboard to 8333
SubdecanalYin GuodongIn charge of the undergraduate training333Switchboard to 8333
School vice secretary of party committee,SubdecanalWang BinIn charge of student affairs and daily management work33352090509
Teachers' affairs center
Trade union chairman, party secretaryTang BeiIn charge of the trade unions, assisting party affairs, etc329Switchboard to 8329
Deputy director of the officeYan YanAssist the school office32952090500
Personnel department secretary, administrative assistantChen KeAssist the personnel work32952090500
Alumni associationJia FangIn charge of alumni work32352090520
Undergraduate business center
Undergraduate teaching secretaryLi XiaoyanAssist the undergraduate teaching work313Switchboard to 8313
Undergraduates SRTP secretary, secretary of equipmentJin ChuanzhiAssisting undergraduate SRTP work, school equipment managemen313Switchboard to 8306
School office director, undergraduate student counsellorShi HongyeIn charge of student office and undergraduates in daily work313Switchboard to 8309
Undergraduate student counsellorLiu ZongtaoAssisting undergraduate students (grade 2014) daily work313Switchboard to 8309
Undergraduate student counsellorMei LeyingAssisting undergraduate students (grade 2015) daily work313Switchboard to 8309
Graduate student affairs center
Graduate students teaching secretaryChen BinAssist the graduate students teaching work309Switchboard to 8323
Secretary of Youth League committee branch , graduate student counselorXu ZhifangIn charge of Youth League committee branch and graduate students' daily work309Switchboard to 8302