Structure of College


Electric Light Engineering Centre

Industrial Development and Training Centre

Department of Vehicle Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Design Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

Mechatronics and Robotics Research Service Centre

Modern Logistics Institute

Industrial Engineering Institute

Automotive Equipment Institute

Institute of Intelligence Machines and Transmission

Product Design and Reliability Engineering Institute

Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Control and Automation

Electronic Equipment Institute of Structural Reliability

Power Piston Technology Institute

Institute of Electrical and Electromagnetic Compatibility

Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Modern Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Institute for Structural Dynamic Optimisation Design

The Equipment and System Fault Diagnosis

CAD/CAM Institute

Mould Institute

Institute of Noise and vibration Control

Mechanical Engineering Research Institute

Graphics Teaching Working Group

Metalworking Teaching Group

Computer Teaching Working Group