School of Mechanical Engineering predecessor dating back to 1916, Southeast University, Nanjing Higher Normal School, went through from National Foundation Mechanical Engineering,Southeast University, National Central University to Institute of Mechanical Branch, and was renamed Nanjing Institute of mechanical Engineering. It was renamed the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Southeast University in 1988. The school of mechanical Engineering was established in 2006. In the school’s one century history, Mao Yisheng, Zhou Ren, Zhou Huijiu, Wu Xue Lin, Yanjici money Zhong Han, Bai real meaning, Chen Xuejun, Tsang Tak- Chao, Yang Liming, Yan Minggao, Zhao Ren armor, the Kingdom of Jin, Tong Binggang, Ding Heng higher scholars, academicians have worked or studied in the School of Mechanical Engineering. Over ten thousand students have graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering. The school not only conveying the field of industrial machinery, electronics etc, and supports internal and external energy power, aerospace, automation, scientific instrumentation, automotive, materials and other disciplines and expertise to create and development of higher education and to make a significant contribution to the national economy.

  The School of Mechanical Engineering currently has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering disciplines right to grant, postdoctoral with Dr. machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering, mechanical design and theory, vehicle engineering, industrial design and manufacturing of industrial engineering in six two subjects point/Master. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation two subjects in 2005 was named Jiangsu provincial key disciplines, in 2006 was named national key disciplines cultivate point 2007 national key disciplines (Foster).

  College to the 211 Project, 985 Project as an opportunity to focus on the study of modern equipment design and manufacture of generic technologies, including digital technology and integrated development, system modeling manufacturing systems and processes, flexible reconfigurable and quality assurance techniques, electromechanical system of quality control, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental technology, nano-manufacturing, ultra-precision machining and micro-mechanical technology, and equipment in a new light, smart cars and construction vehicles, machine tools, special equipment for semiconductor integrated circuits, micro- machinery, etc. design, manufacture, adaptive control, quality assurance, electromagnetic compatibility and other aspects of modern automated equipment to make its own characteristics.

  School of Mechanical Engineering in recent years undertaken and completed National Key Basic Research( 973)pre-research program, a large number of countries National High Technology Research and Development Program(863), national research, defense and major research projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the surface, etc. class projects, while positive for the local economic development , focusing on the transformation and industrialization of scientific research work, has assumed Jiangsu Province, 13 major scientific and technological achievements into the project, the construction of a total funding of more than 200 million yuan , in the high-tech achievements into productivity made a productive contribution. Since the 1990s, School of National Science and Technology Progress Award 1, 6 provincial Department first prize, second prize 20, three, four prize 40 , various patents 60. Some of the results of international or domestic advanced level, and has been used in actual production, resulting in a good social and economic benefits.

  In the base construction in recent years, successfully built the micro-nano design and manufacture of medical devices Biological Laboratory of Jiangsu Province, new light source technology and equipment Engineering Research Center, Jiangsu Province EMC test platform(lead unit). Engineering Center of Jiangsu Province, CNC machine tools, Jiangsu Province textile Machinery Engineering Center, sheet metal processing Engineering Center of Jiangsu Province and the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center  integrated mechanical and electrical engineering training center. The construction of these bases for further rapid development of the discipline laid a good foundation.

  School personnel training objectives around quality, integration, integration, enhances teaching achievements, forming a scientific and standardized education system, building national quality courses Mechanical design, mechanical engineering test and control technology, Machinery Manufacturing Practice and computer systems and interfaces. Compiled with a mechanical principles, mechanical design basis and other classic materials, as well as the multi- national XV Eleventh Five Year Plan materials. Since the 2000 National Teaching Achievement Award two and two provincial teaching achievement awards, prize 4. Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Jiangsu Province in 2003 was named the first professional brand, 2007 was approved by the Ministry of Education, Higher Specialty Construction point. 2007 passed the certification of Engineering Education. Mechanical and power engineering innovative training experimental zone in 2007 selected countries training model innovation experimental area construction projects. College graduates with professional training because solid foundation, comprehensive knowledge, with a strong spirit of innovation and popular features such as the ability of enterprises and institutions, technology has become the backbone of most students in their respective fields, and promote the effective strength machinery manufacturing science and technology progress.

  College Student Activities colorful. The formation of the team in the country Challenge Cup trophy twice in college entrepreneurship competition in the country , Challenge Cup Technology Contest, the World Robot Soccer Competition and the national, provincial machinery, electronics, physics, mathematics and other disciplines record breaking race success. Focus on students 'practical ability to improve the social and cultural literacy, years insist on carrying out Readings activities, students' social practice squad repeatedly won the Central Group, Jiangsu Province, outstanding social practice squad title. A wide range of international and foreign students in exchange programs with the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Hong Kong, Taiwan, various forms of exchange and vacation internships.

  College actively tracking the international academic front, and enhance international and domestic academic exchanges, and promote interdisciplinary integration, has received funding intergovernmental cooperation program in Britain, Canada , Australia and other universities , and many international academic institutions to establish a broad partnership. Meanwhile, the positive selection of outstanding young teachers to study abroad, visit or attend international conferences. Close? Years, to the United States, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, Japan and other countries visit the teacher training of more than 60 people, and promote the improvement of the overall college academic standards and expand the influence of the Academy.

  Existing teachers have national Millions of Talents Project, young experts with outstanding contributions in Jiangsu Province, New Century Excellent Talents, Jiangsu Province six talents peak, Jiangsu Province, Blue Project Academic lead people, Jiangsu province teacher and other selected candidates 21. Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation Discipline Echelon 2006 was named Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Innovation Team, mechanical design and manufacturing courses teaching team in 2008 was named national teaching team.

  With the new forty thousand square meters of completed buildings of Mechanical Engineering in Jiulonghu campus, the school of Mechanical Engineering, ushered in a new period of development, will meet the challenges of the opportunity, hope and struggle, forming characteristics, creating advantages for the economy development, progress and humanity off and make greater contribution to the nation.