Notice on the collection of the history data of School of Mechanical Engineering


Dear alumni at home and abroad, all the teachers and community leaders:

Dating back to Nanjing Higher Normal school’s specialized industrial subject established in 1916, school of mechanical engineering of Southeast University will usher in a hundred years birthday in 2016. In order to truly and roundly reflecting the Institute’s eventful centuries, showing the style and performance of the teachers and students, we plan to build the History Museum of Southeast University School of mechanical engineering and compile the “historiographers and compilation of the Southeast University School of Mechanical Engineering Academy of history”. We call for vast number of alumni at home and abroad, teachers and students and the whole society to help collecting pictures, documents and other types of historical data for the celebration. Specific issues notice as follows:

First, the collection of content

The relevant documents and materials, audio and video materials about the history of the development, mainly reflecting the School of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University.  The main contents are as follows:

About the history of development

1) Documents, archives, Yearbook, regulations, drawings, charts, maps, transcripts, summary, notices reflecting historical changes

2) Documents and materials about college leadership, the units in charge, the appointment, employment, reward and other .

3) All kinds of media coverage of the important events, activities, figures of the information.

4) Photos, audio, video, manuscripts and inscriptions, souvenirs, articles and reports of the publications about inspection, visit, visit, speech in school of superior leadership and social celebrities and VIPs.

5) Text, audio and video materials about the important meetings held by school .

6) The data and object formed, congratulatory letters, telegrams, gifts, photos received during school events, major activities.

7) The relevant information and photographs of the development of the discipline and specialty construction.

8) Old photos and articles with plaques and hospital mark reflecting the school each period style.

About performance achievement

1) universities at home and abroad to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation of the representative data; teachers and students to participate in international academic exchanges and medal, certificate and other physical.

2) Important scientific achievements reflect the school photos, objects, video etc..

3) School of collective or individual access to various advanced materials, real recognition and reward.

4) College staff and students to participate in important activities at home and abroad in various events (such as data, real works, trophies, souvenirs etc.).

5) Alumni in the hospital to participate in domestic and international major events (including social activities, academic activities, important matches or competitions) the formation of real (letter, certificate of merit, the representative certificate, certificate and notice, prizes, souvenirs) and photographs, audio and video data.

6) Have made remarkable achievements or outstanding college friends of autobiography, deeds, and real data (including pictures, books, newspapers, audio, video etc.).

About Campus life

1) All publications, printed matter, and all kinds of documents, seal, logos, album, personal identity documents (such as work card, student card, library card, graduation diploma, degree certificate, graduation certificate distribution dispatch etc.), admission notice, transcripts and other object that have historical value and significance of the commemoration

2) Reflecting the work of teachers and students, learning and living with the characteristics of the times.

3) Graduation photo album, students list, any memorial things between teachers and students.

Two, collection methods and requirements

1.Direct donate :For the kind donation that donate personal collection of historical materials to the college, please contact with the school.

2.Copy save: for particularly valuable historical, physical things that the owner has preservation intention. After college digital scanning, remake or video, audio capture, the original one would return to provider. The copy stays in college for saving and the source would be indicated .

3.Direct transfer: if you are willing to provide the electronic version of the photo, or a file,  scan, please sent to the specified mailbox and address.

When the collections of the above are provided, please provider accompanied them with a brief description, including historical events, figure, time, place, background reflected and provider’s name, (original) work units, (formerly) any position, contact telephone number, e-mail, etc..

Three, contact ways of collection

1.Direct delivery: please sent the photos and files related directly to machinery building 323 alumni office, Jiulong Lake Campus of Southeast University, Jiangning District,Nanjing city.

2.Letter mail: please mail the photos and files related to Alumni Office School of mechanical engineering, Southeast University No. 2 on Southeast University Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, (zip code: 211189) please postscript history collection of SME on the lower left corner of the envelop and note the sender or provider’s name, detailed address, zip code and telephone.

3.Contact through telephone and fax mail

Contact: Jia Fang

Tel / Fax: 025-52090520


We sincerely welcome and give our heartfelt thanks to all alumni, staff of teachers and students, community leaders who actively support the Academy exhibition history data collection work. We will register, file and preserve all collection and documents permanently. The donor will be awarded the certificate of donation as thanks.

School of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University

November 22, 2015